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Weather and road conditions prematurely deteriorate the finish of our vehicles and cause sometimes irreparable damage to the paint. Some of this damage, fueled by the winter season, can go as far as corrosion. This is why AutoMask offers a solution with multiple benefits, which will preserve the paint of your vehicle in impeccable condition, the stone barrier film.

Although paint manufacturers’ processes have improved greatly over the years, a baked-on paint is still hard and solid, which makes it vulnerable to direct impacts. The stone barrier film on the other hand is made of advanced elastomeric polymer alloys that form a shield protecting your paint from stones, salt, road debris, insects and even the sun’s UV rays that not only absorbs impacts instead of your paint but also has a self-healing capacity.

Some parts of your car, such as the hood, bumper, headlights, fenders and mirrors, are particularly vulnerable to impact because they are exposed to all kinds of weather, while others, such as wheel arches, door sills and the trunk sill, are vulnerable to being hit and run.

The paint protection film acts as a protective screen for the paint, protecting it from impacts, chipping, sun and wear. The stone barrier film can be installed on the most exposed surfaces or on the entire vehicle, thus ensuring complete protection and a better resale value. The application of paint protection film is a reversible process, so it is possible to remove the protection film cleanly without leaving any residue on the paint surface.

The products used at AutoMask are top-of-the-line films that adhere firmly to your car’s paint without altering its appearance or color and that have solid guarantees in case of defects. In addition to being resistant to extreme heat, it also protects the paint from insect residue, fir resin and tar splatter. The stone barrier film is a protection that complements wonderfully with the anti-rust treatments, on one hand, the anti-rust treatments will protect the metal structure of the vehicle and on the other hand, the stone barrier film will protect the exterior surface of your vehicle.


Stone guard installation

The installation of the stone barrier film is a precise and delicate operation that cannot be performed by just anyone. Our specialists have hundreds of projects to their credit and have built a strong reputation in the industry, they are not only in constant training but are also passionate about their work. Always on the lookout for new trends, new techniques and new products, AutoMask assures you of impeccable work with warranties of up to 10 years on most products and services, you can entrust AutoMask with the most prestigious cars with complete peace of mind, we treat all our vehicles with the utmost respect, as if they were our own…

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